Graduate Schemes

What Should You Expect?

Work ethic

An employer will be expecting a lot from you in a Graduate Scheme. You will need to work hard to prove you are worth a position there.


◘ Salaries between £22k and £28k are common for big organisations such as the NHS or Tesco. Rarely you will be offered any lower or higher than these.

◘ Most Graduate Schemes include benefits packages and development opportunities and this could mean you start out with a slightly lower salary.

◘ The average salary is £29k. Its important to note that it is about the content of the Graduate Scheme you are interested in and not how much it pays because this can change if you work hard enough.


◘ Graduate Schemes can last from 2 – 6 years but the average is a 3 year position and you will most likely move forward with the company.


◘ The true nature of a Graduate Scheme is to get you to move around the country and be a part of different teams.

Image Credit: Huawei Graduate Scheme Launch 2012 – Flickr


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