Gap Years

The Basics to a Gap Year


◘ What are you hoping to achieve whilst away on your Gap Year?

◘ Do you have a plan for exactly where you are going and what you hope to do?

◘ You need to work out a suitable budget to stick to month by month whilst you are away if you are not going to work.

◘ If you are working whilst you are away then make sure your employer knows about your travel plans.

Who and How Long?

◘ Are you going to go it alone or go with a group of friends?
You may find that you would like to go with other people but you want to do different things.

I suggest: Going alone or with one other person for safety and then meeting other people at specific points a long the way.

◘ Finally – decide how long you would like to go for. This may depend on money but you could always work for the first half of the year and then venture out in the second half.

Image Credit- Dragons CA – Flickr


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