Careers Advice

How to Find Your Job:

Recruitment Agencies

◘ They have:
big databases full of jobs and some are for a part-time basis.

◘ They allow you to upload your CV and apply to multiple jobs in one sitting

◘ Reed and Total Jobs are some of the better ones.

Recruitment Fairs

◘ Employers attend graduate recruitment fairs all the time to meet potential new workers.

◘ Most jobs going are entry-level/ graduate positions

◘ There are several fairs a month for each type of department you would like to work in.

◘ Dress smart, have your CV ready and try and make an impression – network!

Contacting Employers Directly

◘ Most businesses do recruitment online so you will probably be able to find job positions being advertised on a companies website.

◘ Do extra research about if the job is right for you before applying directly.

◘ Always make sure you upload a Cover Letter and a C.V

Image Credit – Alumni Affairs – Flickr


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